Catalyst is an Egyptian company with expertise in the advertising solutions field (giveaways, designing & printing, Booths), Catalyst is privileged with ownership of a leather production house that integrates with the advertising agency, and we proudly serve Businesses and Consumers.


Catalyst was established in 1990 as an Egyptian company with the passion of leather products manufacturing, it has a long history of achievements and throughout the years we perfection all types of leather giveaways and became a well-known Leather company in Egypt. We endeavor for the best that is why we entered the Advertising solutions field to expand our expertise and enter new markets with our promotional giveaways, designing & printing services and booths production. We use different materials to customize our products (Leather, cartoon, Acrylic, wood and papers) to meet the diversity of needs. Catalyst Aims to serve both B2B & B&C by adding standard products stocks to Catalyst Brand to facilitate the immediate purchase services and also to guarantee consumer rights.


1990: Catalyst was established as an Egyptian B2B leather production house, throughout the years Catalyst became a well-known company in Egypt and evolved to produce all types of leather products that fit all classes and were the first to produce customized leather giveaways 
2007: Catalyst expanded their expertise to enter the Advertising solutions market with promotional giveaways 
2012: providing our clients with integrated Advertising solutions including promotional giveaways, designing & printing services and booths production to handle events and campaigns from A-Z. 
2018: launching Catalyst Brand for leather products stocks in the market to serve B2B & B2C immediate purchases and also to guarantee consumer rights.


We envision being the top leaders of the Leather Products, giveaways and Advertising solution in Egypt & the Middle East & Catalyst Brand to be a well-known and respected brand in the world


We are committed to build a successful firm and solid Brand name and increase our clientele with providing the market with the most innovative, customized, and highest quality local leather products, giveaways, and new creative & integrated advertising services.


  • Passion:

    We aim to create greatness by producing the best possible product, service that fit our clients.

  • Innovation:

    the extent of products and services that we can provide is limited only to your imagination.

  • Quality:

    We seek a quality that is perfection.

  • Customer focus:

    we specialize in making your needs a reality.

  • Accountability:

    fulfilling your needs exactly on time is our responsibility.

  • Integrity:

    we build our relationships with clients on trust, honesty and fairness.